After the big unveiling for Star Wars: Battlefront , this is precisely what happened:

I rolled my eyes and said the words in this title aloud.

Look, I have nothing against the "Star Wars" movies – hey, I really liked most of them – and I've got friends who absolutely qualify as "Star Wars" nerds. I know Lucas could never write dialogue for beans (seriously, how do you not wince in the theaters?), but I also know he could weave quite the sci-fi drama. And of course, there are several reasons why "Star Wars" became the legend it has become. You can trace it back to the original '77 movie, which kicked everything off, and there are several fascinating documentaries about it.

All of that is fine with me. I've even watched those documentaries. What bugs me a little is just how much people revere this series. With Battlefront grabbing headlines now, I just know I'm going to make some slip-up concerning "Star Wars" lore and someone is going to write a novel about how clueless I am. Yeah, well, there's a reason I didn't play dress-up and stand in line for the latest film. I like the movies; I don't want to be in them. And truly, I'm starting to wonder how the franchise has maintained such immense staying power, and how it continues to appeal to younger gamers.

Is "Star Wars" indeed timeless? I guess it must be. It's not only dudes pushing 40 who are excited about Battlefront , right? It's not merely nostalgia; this mania doesn't hinge entirely on memories of seeing the initial trilogy for the first time. This is getting passed down to the young'uns out there but I'm just not sure how it's happening. We haven't seen much in the video game world recently to push the legend further, and the movies are behind us, too. And yet, here we are, watching the "Star Wars" fanatics drool. Well, okay. I didn't really get it in the '80s and I don't quite get it now…just don't leap down my throat because I'm reporting on the game without holding a light saber in one hand.

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