Two pretty big game announcements this week, although one doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the one we should care about

Oh, I have no doubt Treyarch will deliver a solid product in Call of Duty: Black Ops III . I'd be surprised if they didn't.

But really, the best news of the week was obviously the emergence of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided . The early details are plenty encouraging and the announcement trailer is just plain awesome. Human Revolution was a great game and honestly, I think it sort of got lost in the shuffle last generation. It just seems like we didn't talk about it anywhere near enough, especially after it released. I'm hoping the hype surrounding Mankind Divided is substantial because this series needs more attention, I think. Too many so-called "gamers" have never heard of the IP and I find that depressing. I had a few problems with the boss fights in the last entry but then again, so did most everyone. Maybe this time, Eidos Montreal won't make the mistake of farming out those encounters (which is a completely bizarre idea).

I say the hallmark of a great game is its ability to entertain just about everyone. For example, if the story or setting just isn't your style and you still love it, that's a top-tier game. Red Dead Redemption was like that for me; I really don't like Western themes at all and that game ruled. I also don't really like sci-fi/futuristic settings but I've always had a blast with Deus Ex . That should tell you a lot.

Yes, I want Mirror's Edge 2 more than Mass Effect 4

When I heard that both games should release in the next year , I was pretty excited. And not because of ME4, like most would say.

As I said above, not being a big sci-fi fan, Mass Effect doesn't really appeal to me. I did, however, adore Mirror's Edge , which is one of my favorite games from the previous generation. Problem is, I'm worried that the long-awaited sequel will be more about open-world exploration and combat than anything else. I didn't mind the linearity of the original and I especially enjoyed the puzzle-solving element; it was unique and challenging. Where else would you find a free-running theme coupled with a platforming puzzle of sorts? Sure, Faith was quite acrobatic and could handle weapons, but it was mostly about free-running. It was more about evasion and finding the best path through various obstacles. I understand that one can greatly expand on this concept and I don't mind such expansion.

I do mind if it's a completely different idea, though. If you change the game entirely and it's just another open-world action game, only from a first-person perspective, I won't be anywhere near as interested. But maybe that's just me.

Personal gaming update

As you might've guessed by now, I'm loving Axiom Verge . Sure, there are plenty of retro games out there but this one is a cut above. It faithfully recreates the old 2D Metroid adventures and subtly works in refinements we wish we had back in the day. Granted, nostalgia plays a massive role – as it would with any throwback title – but this remains an exceedingly well-balanced and produced old-school production. As for MLB 15: The Show , it's another great baseball simulator from Sony San Diego but it does feel a tad tired. And I expect more from the next generation of sports simulators.

This week, it's time for Mortal Kombat X . Who's getting it day one?

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