As Bloodborne created plenty of positive vibes in the industry, I hope the trend continues with the likes of Mortal Kombat X , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , and Batman: Arkham Knight . And Happy Easter! 🙂

Respawn should treat Titanfall as the first step

I've seen enough of Titanfall to know two things: 1. It's not my thing, and 2. It's a great idea that seemed somewhat half-baked.

Now, the developer's community manager is teasing various details , including the fact that the original is being viewed as a foundation of sorts. It's a stepping stone, which is the correct way to look at it. Titanfall had a solid concept and a ton of potential but as the original sat, I found it distinctly underwhelming. I did, however, acknowledge the potential and if Respawn goes above and beyond with the sequel, I might actually play it. Of course, they'll need to implement a real campaign or I won't bother but either way, we should all anticipate a better multiplayer experience the whole way 'round. Personally, I get bored with multiplayer-oriented shooters, no matter how fresh they seem, so if Respawn can grab me, they can grab anybody.

I'm not saying Titanfall felt half-assed or under-cooked. On the contrary, I think the development team delivered what they could for a first effort. It's a brand new IP and they know they're only going to build from here on out. I'm good with that. I just hope they really do listen to the feedback and recognize that potential, as opposed to simply sticking with the same ol' same ol'.

Bloodborne appears to be a sales success, and everyone keeps talking about it

Sometimes, a game releases and people stop talking about it a week after it releases. This happens to good titles, too. However, we're still seeing plenty of Bloodborne headlines and I find that encouraging; it means this game has had a profound impact on the gaming community. It certainly seems to be off to a solid start in Japan and I'm betting sales in other regions will be just as strong.

You know it has struck a chord with the community when you see so many people diving in, trying to turn heads. There's the dude who beat the game as the weakest class and without using guns or leveling up. Then there's the guy who blasted through the game in only 37 mins. (and yes, I'm aware he used exploits and glitches). Everyone appears to remain fascinated with what Bloodborne has to offer, which should translate to long-term success. I just wonder if this will result in a true sequel, or if From Software will simply keep going with the Dark Souls series. There are clear differences between the two IPs…I wonder what the fans are hoping for in terms of the future.

Personal gaming update

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype is one of those games that seemed a lot better five years ago. I guess it's because I might be a little retro-d out, or maybe it's just because the game didn't hold up well over time. I mean, it's still a super fun, well-produced title; it just lacks the pizzazz it had back in 2010. However, I don't think I'm burned out on retro games 'cuz Axiom Verge is pretty freaking awesome, so… 😉 Review coming soon for that one and if you haven't checked it out, you should read about developer Tom Happ's development journey . This guy has managed to do something very special and he should be commended.

I'm also about 20 hours into Shadow Hearts: Covenant and I forgot how great a lot of those older RPGs were. Sure, the voice performances, story, and other elements (like world design) are basically a joke compared to now, but the gameplay just stands out as a huge highlight. Anywho, Mortal Kombat X will be here soon, I'm sure, so I'll just keep enjoying Covenant and Axiom Verge .

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