As we all know by now, the Xbox One beat out the PlayStation 4 in the November NPD results .

Microsoft's console won both the US and UK regions by relatively significant amounts, and while many point toward the Xbox One price cut and multiple bundle deals as the reason, it begs the question:

Is this really temporary or is this the reversal Sony fans have been fearing all year?

The Xbox 360 owned the North American market for a long time. This has proven to be a Microsoft-driven market and many experts still believe Xbox One will end up holding sway in North America. While PlayStation 4 holds a sizable global advantage, seeing it fall in the UK, and considering the lack of top-tier exclusives, it makes one wonder: What are we really seeing here? I've always said that once the exclusive software starts to flow (as it does every generation for the PlayStation brand), Sony will be golden. But what if they can't reach that point? What if Xbox One is too firmly entrenched by that time?

The closest PS4 exclusive is Bloodborne and forgive me Dark Souls fans, but that may not be big enough to vault PS4 to a new high watermark in terms of hardware sales. What we really need is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End but chances are, that won't land until the end of 2015. And the absence of major IPs like Gran Turismo and God of War at the PlayStation Experience means we could be waiting even longer for all these killer exclusive apps. In the meantime, Xbox One will continue to be cheaper and really, the supposed extra power in the PS4 isn't doing us much good right now.

Therefore, if both consoles are perceived to be mostly equal in the eyes of consumers, especially in the US region, it seems inevitable that most mainstream consumers will pick Xbox One. So, to me, I'm concerned that what we saw in November will continue for quite some time and that it isn't the one-hit wonder PlayStation fans are saying it is.

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