Things change, business changes, inevitably every franchise goes through ups and downs.

Tomb Raider suddenly rose from a nearly certain death and despite recent exclusivity shenanigans that looks like the way it will stay. Not only that but it also has its very own side universe with a couple of isometric dungeon crawlers. I have no worries for that kind of situation.

On the flip side we've seen the decline of other franchises. “Decline” is a matter of how you look at the franchise I think. Most Resident Evil fans would say the main franchise is in trouble (hence the coming remake holdover), but you can't argue the big sales numbers part 6 got. For the most part though, decline is something we consider to be a matter of not living up to glory days.

Where on earth is Call of Duty headed these days? Every gamer has their own opinion, but the numbers do sag after a certain amount of saturation. People stop being impressed, celebrities start getting called in to fill in the gaps. Games like Destiny detract.

Guess what I'm worried about. Darksiders. I admit I haven't finished either entry but I do enjoy them and would like to see the series continue. In the hands of Nordic Games though, I don't think it could ever be the same. They've got some devs working hard, and I'm actually pretty happy with the much overlooked open world epic Arcania (despite quality and cheese issues). I just can't see how Darksiders III could live up to the quality it once enjoyed.

Now, I've never been one to disregard a fun game because it isn't AAA but without the sales and support of the fans I fear it may go right to the grave well before we get to the fourth horseman.

After a long generation and a wait for our favorites to return, what franchise's futures do you fear for?

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