Another busy week and we're only getting started! The holiday season is just about here.

FFXV, MGSV gameplay take center-stage at TGS

Square Enix and Konami showed off plenty of new gameplay for Final Fantasy XV and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

As for the latter, that footage featuring Quiet was pretty slick. The environments are obviously much larger and more open than ever before, and I like the idea of calling in a partner to assist (provided I don't ever have to babysit). Quiet seems like an awfully competent aide and the gameplay looks diverse and intense. I know I can't hope for a pure stealth game in every sense of the word; mainstream blockbusters have to be more accessible these days, and accessibility means action. That's just fine, so long as I can succeed being as stealthy as I desire.

Diamond Dog seems like a worthy companion as well. Let's just hope they utilize him correctly… As for FFXV, there was a very pretty trailer along with more gameplay footage released later (yes, I saw it). I fail to see how it's a role-playing game but whatever. I'm sure it'll be deeper than your standard hack 'n slash action game but if I have to execute button combos, I'm out. That is not a Final Fantasy adventure nor is it an RPG. Period.

P.S. If the game comes out great, so be it. It just has the wrong name.

Survival/horror fans, your lovin' the news lately, I'm sure

So first, we got that terrifying trailer showcasing the enemies we'll face in Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within . Then there was that Silent Hills concept teaser that was nightmarish from front to back.

I think it's interesting that two hugely anticipated survival/horror games have stolen so many headlines over the past few months. This was a genre that was on life support for the majority of the previous generation, and to see it spring back to life with such horrifying vivacity is encouraging. It means there's always hope for a genre (or sub-genre) that's down but not necessarily out. I also think that, despite the similarity in tone and style, Silent Hills and The Evil Within will be distinctly different experiences. I mean, at this point who needs Resident Evil ? Seriously?

Personal gaming update

I've played enough of Destiny to be satisfied. It's a good game but hardly worthy of the ridiculous hype, and I'll leave it at that. I keep pressing through Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition , but it's a little weird…I just finished Act II and I'm already at Lv. 35. Isn't that halfway to the level cap? And there are five Acts, right? This means I'll have a maxed-out character before I even finish one play-through, and there are, what, eight more difficulty levels? I don't get it. So, if you wanted to keep going with this character in harder difficulties, you just have to rely on better equipment, but no more powering up from a level perspective…?

Anyway, I had some fun with Run Like Hell but it's obviously an adapted mobile game. See, those are entertaining for about a half-hour and that's it. I do have Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor sitting here waiting to be reviewed, though, so expect that analysis early this week.

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