The game is out, the reviews are in, and the moon dust won't settle for awhile.

While we wait for that, how about a non-partisan question for those who have adopted Bungie's newest game: after having some time with the experience do you plan to invest more money in it?

A simple question yes but there are, as with any investment, a few points to take into account. I say investment because Destiny plans to live for 10 long years and that will take time on your part, dedication (without being sidetracked by other multiplayer FPS), and of course getting the most out of the $60 you already spent.

Destiny isn't some crowd hated free-to-play venture with more microtransactions than bullets. We expect to get a darn good experience for what we paid. I even dared to hope that should I choose to ignore all future monetary expansions I might still see some free content love from Bungie to keep me coming back. It is a game where we paid for a promise after all.

In any case the DLC is already on the horizon. With The Dark Below in December and House of Wolves some time in 2015, an Expansion Pass for both will cost you about $35. Using this as a benchmark let's just pretend we will get two expansions per year minimum at $17.50 a pop. Adding the original $60 over the course of a ten year investment you can expect to pay over $400 on this game by the time it peters out.

Most people probably can't make that big of a decision at this point but it does raise the question "How much time and money am I willing to put into this?" which begs another question, "How big of an online FPS gamer am I?" Most people seem to be focused on just how fun it is to play with friends, so the next question has to be , "Are my friends the kinds of gamers that will stick with this thing?"

There is much to consider before spending money yes? I'm having a blast with the game right now as it is but I have yet to see anything that would make me want to spend more around the holidays when many other games will have relegated Destiny to the proverbial back page of the news. Hopefully it will grow enough for the initial investors to want to spend more, but perhaps it has already wowed you enough to decide.

Will you spend more money on Destiny based on what you've seen so far?

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