Last generation, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ended up in a dead heat.

Both consoles sold around 82 million apiece worldwide, although each number varies slightly depending on the source. And I think we all know that if the Xbox 360 hadn't owned the North American region, the PS3 would've dominated.

I've said it all along before this generation even began: If the Xbox brand continues to hold sway in the US, that will keep the race close throughout. And if Microsoft can convince other regions to accept Xbox on a wider scale, Sony could be in trouble. Instead, the opposite seems to have happened: Other major territories like Japan, Asia and Europe favor PlayStation more than ever (you never could sell the Xbox in Japan, and Europe has always sided with Sony) and now, the PS4 even has the North American lead.

So, here's the logical analysis: If Xbox can't come back and win this territory back, it's not only going to lose this generation, it's going to lose huge . The PS4 outsells the Xbox One by a 2:1 – even a 3:1 ratio – in most major European regions and Japan hasn't changed at all. Even if it's a tie here in the US, the race is over. For a while there, I thought Microsoft would surge back into the lead after the price drop. But thus far, it hasn't happened, and there's no real indication that it will.

So, what's M$ going to do now? Try to buy another franchise? 'rolls eyes'

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