It's inevitable.

You've been chilling all summer, maybe pecking away at the backlog or doing your duty as a beta tester and then whomp! Fall is upon you. It hasn't happened yet but August will pass in the blink of an eye and we will all be in this position.

Normally I kind of shut my eyes and take a few blind shots at what games to buy and then let the others fall by the wayside until I can afford them. This year I decided to preempt this problem by looking at what is coming and then coming up with a bona fide plan.

I was immediately troubled by just how many games are falling out of the sky that I really really want this Autumn. Last night I was on Amazon looking and the dates seemed to cluster together a bit. I began to tick them off and, oh dear lord, there's about six friggin' games I want all of the sudden.

There is Destiny (Sept 9) of course, yeah I think I'm sold as I believe it will be the social experience of the new generation and I think it's time this old tree bends with the river rather than breaks.

The Evil Within (Oct 29) will bring the survival horror I really need. Some of you Alien fans might want Isolation (Oct 7) though.

Also I must be a pirate. I currently have a very cool pirate style mustache beard thing going on for that purpose alone (Yes I'm insane). So I fully intend to “Sail With The Devil” with Raven's Cry (Oct 14).

Then there's the JRPGs! Natural Doctrine (Sept 16) could still be great, though the battle screens seem odd I've never known an NIS game to be too complicated. Then the ultimate of the ultimate from my waiting game category arrives: Fairy Fencer F (Also Sept 16).

So you can see my dilemma. I've got to prioritize all of those, check my wallet and such. Hopefully I get some cash gifts for my birthday tomorrow because I'm about to get very excited and frustrated all at once. My purchase plan so far? That's still undecided.

In any case, this isn't about me. We here at PSXE are always interested in the community's gaming lives. So wake up and realize just how many fall games you actually want to buy and tell us your boggle. Maybe tell us your plan, in what order must you have them? What fall releases have you tied in knots?

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