Morning/Afternoon all!

Ben was sucked up through a time vortex gate where he was made the savior of the universe and he is currently getting cats out of trees at the end of the world for our benefit.

Therefore I am in charge of you all today *evil laughter*. Rather than shove my opinion down your throats though I actually want to hear from you yet again in my ongoing series Opinion Exchange .

This time PSXE wants to know what you think of this crazy little gadget that Sony snuck in to E3 called Playstation TV. Some of you are probably still a little confused about what this thing is. Can it play games from all my consoles? Is it just for TV shows?

So let's just break it down first. It is basically a multifunction compact console for your TV. Its gaming abilities are to play select (see: not all) Playstation Vita games, PS One classics, and PSP games. (But perhaps not all PSP games). They don't say, but we assume there will be a small hard drive to put these games on.

It will also stream your PS4 games from one room to the next. If your PS4 is in your room with the little TV but you want to play on the 90inch 1080p without moving the PS4 you can just use your PSTV!

That sounds freaking awesome, but you know even with a pretty good internet connection PS4 streaming to Vita isn't really very good so I'm very skeptical about this. Maybe Sony knows something we don't about the direction of this technology.

Moving on, PSTV will also have PSNow, the game streaming technology that everyone is skeptical about. You're supposed to be able to play PS3 games available on the service. The pricing structure of this seems to be unresolved at this point, but I think the only way to make it work would be to do it Netflix style buffet. If you lend someone The Last of Us for $4 and then have 10 days to stream it in people are going to feel constrained and net meltdowns are a constant trouble.

You'll also have access to all the shows and music you bought on PSN. All of this will work with a Dualshock 4. Okay that's it, you've got my commentary, time for yours.

We want your opinion on this device. Tell us please, will it work, will it survive, is it brilliant, will it become Sony's malfunctioning Frankenstein that takes down the whole system?

Source: Playstation

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