I'm not sure I've seen this level of company preparedness for a new title before.

I've been in betas before but never an alpha. Now I have been in the alpha and beta for Destiny and can't figure why they released the alpha in the first place. The beta just juiced it up a little and they weren't exactly separated by a great deal of time or content.

And yet those trials did have an effect on me that normal betas and demos usually don't. I was able to see the high production values, the quality graphics, the easy controls and weapon/armor changing, the superior space used to pick up what they need for their loadout, and the ability to choose obvious co-op stories so you aren't always worried about getting shot in the back by people who look like you unless you choose to do that.

While not at all an astonishing look at the epic that Bungie has on tap, the mere fact that they have teased us with the skeleton of something great goes a long way. I believe these “tests” are only partially used to test the servers and such. Guess what though? There weren't any connection issues with people who had good internet. These were a part of the overall hype plan.

In addition to the garnering of support from multiplayer gamers that gives Destiny some pre-launch bona-fides, there is another edge to this thing. Activision has done everything possible to provide the most up to date promotion tactics. These include getting Bungie out there on the internet explaining what makes Destiny so special. Then there are the posters at Gamestop, the pre-order Vanguard goodies, the tons of images all over the net, the cost of building Destiny is well known now, and we have assurances that the guys who made Halo will succeed.

What we'd like to know is if this whole coordinated hype machine has been effective for our members. Have the two betas, the media coverage, the news updates, and all the general hype succeeded in convincing you to buy Destiny yet?

It has been one of the best hype campaigns I've seen, especially because I (the anti-multiplayer guy) am now considering a purchase.

Moment of truth: has it all convinced you to jump into Destiny on day one.

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