Awhile ago we asked your opinion on the growing number of super HD updates.

The responses were mixed but in general people thought that true classics, especially from the PS2 era, deserved a good update. However you thought that updated games from PS3 to PS4 should be at the very least a limited practice.

It seems that the gaming industry has an interest in profit that supersedes gamer opinion. Most seem okay with The Last of Us because it was considered an instant classic and it came late in the generation. With so many people new to Playstation hardware when they bought the PS4 it made sense to bring them one of this generation's defining experience.

Now there is some evidence of a PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls . That game was a graphical triumph but not a critical or fan hit. Bringing it to PS4 seems more like a way to make up some lacking sales numbers. Alright, well maybe it's a good idea to bring such an unusual gaming experience to new PS4 converts as well.

I pretty much threw up my hands when I heard that Uncharted is now in the pipe for a graphical remake as well. There may be no official announcement but Sony boss Shuhei Yoshita calling the games a “good candidate” for remakes is enough to be pretty sure it will be coming, probably in a trilogy. After all, those same people who missed Uncharted because the didn't buy a PS3 should be able to play them right? Or maybe PS4 is aiming to become the redeemer of the harder times during the PS3 life cycle.

Before we could sigh and take a breath evidence showed up that Dark Souls II was also likely to get the super HD treatment. This is just gonna keep going on isn't it?

So now I'm saying to hell with telling these people to get their butts to work on new games, let's just air our personal favorites that deserve a super duper HD update. If I were to go fishing in the PS2 pool for another of these I would like to catch Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King . It was one of the very best JRPGs of that era and the clean cel-shaded graphics would look incredible in a PS4 update.

If I were to shop around the PS3 library for games that needed an update I might grab a Resistance trilogy and the first two inFamous games. I'd definitely want high graphics settings for Skyrim and Fallout 3 .

HD remasters, super HD remasters, everything goes! What games deserve it? Go nuts.

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