The rise of the new consoles comes with a dramatic boost in indie gaming.

Everything from the emerging digital market to the ease of developing on new hardware has combined to bring these interesting bites of originality to the forefront.

Not all turn out to be the clever hits advertised but as long as the store doesn't become as flooded as the mobile market I think it's good for the industry. I admit I feel awash in these games but that's probably just because of all the delays on big games. In the mean time I end up catching coverage of these indie titles and generally ignore them.

The thing is I already went through the period where games were played like that, the only difference is people have found out how to be much more clever than the developers of the past. Every now and then though something grabs my attention from that pool and I wind up having fun just because it scratches an itch or presents something that shouldn't be missed.

Journey was something that just couldn't be missed, and I think No Man's Sky is looking like the next one like that. I'm interested in that title. Another one grabbed my attention today that looks unique, Valiant Hearts: The Great War . I had heard of it before and wrote it off but now I'm going to look into it a bit more. I'll likely wait for a price drop but it's still rare to find things that just gel with you.

Maybe that's how we should consider this big indie push; it provides access to specialized experiences. Which indie titles in the current wave have your interest, approval, or high recommendation?.

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