That Tom Clancy's The Division trailer was pretty rousing stuff.

Rather than the game itself it is one of the features that has me thinking and wondering what the community thinks as well. I'm talking about the companion app. It seeks to add a second screen experience through iOS and Android by allowing players with the right hardware to control a drone that is watching from the sky. The drone can be leveled up and has special abilities like marking and debuffing enemies.

I admit I don't have any real experience with second screen gaming. I know it's important to the Wii U and that isn't doing so well. I know that I wanted to try the touch screen controls in Beyond: Two Souls , but it didn't work with either of my Android devices because they weren't expensive enough. Every time I go to use remote play between my PS4 and Vita there is the option to use it for second screen gaming so clearly more of this is in the offing.

I can see how it might be an interesting way to add co-op for friends in the room but I already have enough trouble tending to my phone's demands while I game anyway. Also I would prefer a game to have all of its gameplay right there with the game, no peripherals needed. I can see some clever uses though, like maybe an Alien game app that uses your phone as the iconic motion tracker. That kind of thing could add to the experience as long as you can still use the tracker in the game too.

On the other hand there is far too much multitasking and attention span killing going on already in my opinion. That's a bit hypocritical of me to say since I'm always using the computer or phone while watching TV, but gaming seems different. It should probably require all of one's attention lest gaming also become a more liesurely multitask friendly experience.

Are you in for the second screen experience or do you think you'll pass to keep your attention on the one screen that matters most?

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