Really busy week but things are starting to calm down, so maybe I can keep pushing through my backlog.

Sorry Jenova, respect won't come until gamers grow up

I always like reading interviews with Thatgamecompany boss Jenova Chen, because he and I see eye-to-eye on so many issues concerning the video game industry.

I especially like his desire to see gaming appeal to a wider, more diverse audience . I think we all want that. We've taken so many strides and yet, as far as mainstream outlets are concerned, we're still not legit. Chen is right in saying that developers must continue to branch out and try styles of gameplay that attract older individuals and females. But unfortunately, while many aspects of this industry have matured, the general consensus is that gamers themselves haven't. Sure, there are some civil, laid-back adults involved in gaming but for the most part, our forums and communities are infested with the worst kind of immaturity.

Honestly, it scares people who aren't familiar with the hobby. That level of rampant egoism and hostility is frightening to those who don't understand what passion and anonymity do to gamers when they're online. All anyone has to do is record ten minutes of a standard Call of Duty multiplayer session, send it to some news outlet, and we'll never be taken seriously again. Hell, it'd probably spawn a rash of new studies. The point is that until gamers grow up, the industry just won't go anywhere.

By the way, Jade Raymond isn't wrong , per se. But you have to admit, to outsiders, it certainly seems like only immature teen boys participate.

I really hope Sony unleashes some new exclusives at E3

One insider says Sony is cooking up an amazing E3 presentation and I hope that's accurate. Right now, I'm looking for PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusives because I'm really not seeing many on the horizon. Sure, there's Uncharted 4 but I don't see much else, do you? There's The Order: 1886 but we have no idea when that might arrive. How's about a new God of War ? Gran Turismo 7 for PS4? Or maybe a brand new exclusive IP, like Quantic Dream's The Dark Sorcerer project we saw last year? I'm losing faith that we'll ever see The Last Guardian again, but who knows? We could definitely use a bunch of new Vita titles, too.

AAA Vita exclusives , please. I'm not impressed by games I can also play on the PS3. Based on the portable's sales, I'd say few are impressed. Like the PSP, this new unit requires a certain amount of top-tier exclusive titles to remain relevant. Taking down the 3DS probably won't happen, but I'd at least like the Vita to survive .

Personal gaming update

As I said above, I'm still working through my backlog. I got a new FIFA game to review but I'm not looking forward to it (despite the fact that I really liked FIFA 14 ). Sports simulators just suck the life out of me these days. I'm very much looking forward to Child of Light , however; everything I see and hear about that game has me itching to play it. It's just one of those extraordinarily special titles you do not want to miss, IMO. I've also got a few more indie games I want to play.

Oh, and if you're looking to read something, I suppose you could read my new book. 🙂 I posted it up on Facebook and Twitter but totally forgot to mention it on the main site. You can find it here ; you can pick it up at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It's just an experiment; anybody can toss up an e-book. I'm saving other projects for a more traditional publishing route but I figured I could give this a try. 🙂

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