When you've got a chance to eat into your backlog, you might notice a few intriguing indie titles you missed.

Very often, you forget about them during the deluge of blockbusters and big-budget productions that grab all the headlines. But it's always a good idea to be diverse in your entertainment, and bite-size independently developed games can be awfully refreshing.

So, which indie games still need your attention? For me, over the past week or so, I've been involved with two: Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut and Thomas Was Alone . The former is a really cool retro take on the adventure and survival/horror themes, and it's well worth checking out. Thomas Was Alone is an example of what a great imagination can do for you, especially when you purposely limit yourself to a few blocks. Both games offer very different, distinct experiences and I appreciate the notes of originality.

I've got a few others I want to try as well. What about you?

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