Enjoying inFamous: Second Son ? I am.

I was hoping for some bigger overall upgrades this generation but that core inFamous power-crazy action is intact and ready for all to enjoy. It's a good thing that the gameplay is the star too because there is disagreement over the viability of the main character.

There is always bound to be such a thing but without a proper trilogy for Cole MacGrath, fans like myself thought perhaps it wasn't time to move on yet. We have moved on though, or Sucker Punch has anyway, to Delsin Rowe. He's a young 1990's style Seattle punk packing spray paint and rockin' a Coldplay knit hat.

In Ben's review he mentions (though places little importance on) his distaste for this new main character. I agree with him. I was hoping to think of him like DmC 's New Dante, who turned out to be a well-rounded and witty personage typical of Ninja Theory's great character creation. Young Mr. Rowe didn't quite live up to those hopes. He behaves and speaks generally as I did in junior high, which seemed lame and a missed opportunity to explore how superpowers can be more than a purely juvenile entertainment.

I found Cole quite different, he was more of the “regular guy gets superpowers” story that Sucker Punch keeps talking about. A gritty, drop-out bike messenger with a small circle of friends, Cole truly held the right qualities to either turn good or break bad. He was an every day badass (parkour and urban exploration expert) who did what it took and laid down the truth with some great narration. Delsin is less a regular guy and more a ready-made “fight the power” PG-13 movie hero in my opinion. I'd be fine if he doesn't even get his own sequel and the series moves on yet again.

Overall I feel like Cole was graphic novel inFamous and Delsin is comic book inFamous . Granted, I've got plenty of room to grow to like Delsin as there is a lot of game left in which to do it, but right now I'm planting myself firmly in Camp Cole. I'm not saying the old games are better than the new one, or that my opinions are gospel, just that I prefer the previous protagonist.

Agree? Disagree? Time for the fans to weigh in and tell us why you are in Camp Cole or Camp Delsin.

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