Sorry about that title but I have no idea what else to call them. Anyway get ready for some new… old games.

The current generational changeover has been one of the strangest in my opinion. There was a sudden and unexpected shift in the power structure from Microsoft to Sony, a dearth of full next-gen games after a very lengthy console cycle, and now a protracted period of release for cross-gen games.

Interestingly enough I haven't noticed many of our members discussing these things though. Instead recent comments have occasionally touched on gamers' particular passions concerning last gen games brought to the next generation. Many felt that the update of Tomb Raider , while perhaps justified for that extra year of advancement it took, was not worth a full price purchase. Others discussed whether or not they would want to play The Last of Us again on their PS4.

And what about those comments from developers concerning a next generation release of the whole darned Mass Effect trilogy? I admit even I would be tempted to own that, but I find my brain running into a roadblock now and then that says these things should either be backwards compatible (at least digitally) or just left behind. Now Dead Nation has a PS4 edition too. I mean, it's great that developers can get their work out to as many gamers as possible but I didn't buy my PS4 to get stuffed with a bunch of things that are old hat.

I wish it were as cut and dry as “Stop wasting resources and focus on new stuff,” but in actuality next gen ports can employ smaller upcoming developers and be an overall boon to the industry. Then again, just how many friggin times are they going to resell us the same games before we say "enough is enough "?

I admit I was a fan of the HD remakes from the PS2 days, but they had a major purpose for being remade. They were classics that looked like utter crap when played on an HD TV. Now it feels like the industry might be preying on gamers' natural dispositions toward having the best versions of their favorite games.

Time for your input.

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