LEGO Star Wars II Preview

Lego Star Wars brought two childhood favorites together, and last year a third when the first video game based on the franchise was released. Though ostensibly aimed at younger gamers (you could never really die and it wasn't super-challenging), the

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Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Preview

Asgard just can't get a break. Last week Hel, the Queen of Nifelheim was knockin' on the door; this week it's those insufferable Vanir What's a supreme god like Odin to do when everyone wants a piece of his action?

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Okami Preview

Can anyone build a better Zelda? The legendary series is hard to top and a few companies have tried, but Okami may be the only game worthy of dethroning the king. It tickled the fancy of many right from the

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Jackass Preview

Have you ever sat down and watched an episode of MTV's Jackass and thought to yourself "You know, I really wish they'd make this into a game…?" Really? Well, my psychotic friend, you are in luck, because that's exactly what

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