World Championship Paintball Review

Paintball is a lot of fun. Without any doubt, those who have played it know just how intense the action can be, and they’ve reveled in the safe seek-and-destroy concept where harmless paint replaces bullets or even potentially damaging pellets.

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Final Fantasy XII Review

Until its US release, you could probably say that the wave of anticipation for Final Fantasy XII had already broken on the shores of fan apathy. A quiet hope was all that lingered after beloved producer Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy

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Bully Review

You can't really discuss Bully without dipping into the controversy that has surrounded its release. Believe me, I tried to think of so many other ways to begin this review, but I could never completely sidestep the issue at hand.

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God Hand Review

B-Movies have always been relegated to the bottom of the barrel; underappreciated artifacts of the double-feature era that (often unintentionally) revealed the film-making process through gaffs, mistakes, and sloppy special effects due to their shoestring budgets. Quentin Tarantino and Robert

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Okami Review

When Okami was in its infancy, it sported a fairly realistic look with lupine protagonist Amaterasu (the Shinto sun goddess, if you're curious) romping around a forest. It looked good for what it was, but nothing particularly made it stand

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Moto GP4 Review

The MotoGP series has always strained for realism, and while it's fallen just shy of Gran Turismo-esque standards, the games have remained consistently entertaining. Still, motorcycle fanatics everywhere keep waiting for that wonderfully simulated street bike racer, and this year,

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