Multi-Console Cables Clean Up Wiry Mess

If you've got more than one next-gen system (or a PS2), there's no longer a need to be discreet about the insightly tangle of cables hidden behind your television. Working like the reverse of a console switchbox, XCM's new all-in-one

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Sony Shuts Down Force Feedback for PS3 Wheels

Ouch, Sony! Covering you is like a never-ending roller coaster ride. Every time something awesome happens (new PSN releases), there's always another piece of news that brings us right back down. In this case, it's the fact that even PS3-compatible

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New Gundam Musou Details

Though we can't replicate it here, the most recent issue of Japanese mag Famitsu has published a feature chock full of images from Gundam Musou, a match-made-in-heaven pairing of the seminal anime franchise and Dynasty Warriors' gameplay. As little as

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Best Buy Expects PS3s on Sunday

According to those that have gained early access to Best Buy's circular, the ad starting from the 31st of December claims that the company's stores will be handing out tickets for Playstation 3s an hour before opening this coming Sunday.

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White PS3 for Sale on eBay

Some industrious fellows have completely repainted their Playstation 3's shell white and stuck it up on . After realizing that their plain, black 60GB would no longer garner a significant profit on the infamous auction site, they decided that replicating

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Resistance Patched

Downloadable content for consoles has brought with it a fully-realized anxiety once relegated only to (and long since accepted as the norm) computer gaming: patches. There's little worse than purchasing software and then realizing that you didn't get the full

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