Exclusive: The Extra Twisted Interview

It wasn’t Kingdom Hearts 3 . It wasn’t Syphon Filter 5 . It wasn’t a Final Fantasy VII remake. We’ve kept the secret for so long, some were even thinking it might be Team ICO’s new project at first, but

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Just Cause 2 Review

We present to you yet another dual review, where I (Arnold) and Ben tell you exactly why Just Cause 2 is a pretty big bag of hyperbole. While a solid concept and idea, it's ultimately lacking in execution and is

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Bayonetta Review

'OHMIGOD, PSX Extreme has lost it!' No we haven't, so shut up and calm your trousers. It's the immediate shock of looking at the overall game score before even reading a word of our review. So we're going to get

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was a rather solid game when it arrived three years ago. While most versions of the game were pretty solid, the PlayStation 3 version was an embarrassing disaster that couldn't properly run at any resolution beside a

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Ahh, Superhero games, not many developers have managed to get them right over the years. We had a number of decent beat 'em ups over during the 8 and 16-bit era, but the 3D generation has brought us a world

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Madden NFL 10 Review

Many expected the Madden franchise to go downhill after EA acquired exclusive rights to the NFL and its players. I mean, history has proved to us many times over, that when there is no competition, there is no reason to

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