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New Lumines Titles Announced

Continuing the steady stream of pre-E3 announcements from publishers, Buena
Vista games has announced that two Lumines titles and one original title,
entitled Every Extend Extra are in development at Q Entertainment, and that they
will be publishing all three titles. Lumines II is heading to the PSP and
Lumines Plus, a re-mix of the original Lumines is in the works for the
PlayStation 2. Every Extend Extra is described as "an electrifying action puzzle
shooter" and it's headed to the PSP

"Q Entertainment established itself last year as the premier creator of action
puzzle games with the best-selling and highly addictive Lumines for the PSP
system and Meteos for the Nintendo DS. This year, our goal is to build upon that
success and reach new heights around the world with our new publishing agreement
with BVG. We are also very excited to introduce another music-based game, Every
Extend Extra," said Q Entertainment CEO Shuji Utsumi.

Lumines II, Lumines Plus, and Every Extend Extra are slated to hit retail stores
in Fall 2006.

II Screenshots

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