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Sony Unleashes Firmware 2.7 on the World + Bonus!

Today, Sony was only supposed to release the new firmware update for Japanese gamers. Surprisingly enough, though, it would seem that the update is available through US servers, as well. Here is a list of the new features enabled by 2.7:

– You can now play Macromedia Flash content under [Internet Browser].
*Note that you must adjust a setting to enable this feature. A connection to the Internet is required to adjust the setting.

– [Connection Settings] has been added under [Settings] in [Internet Browser].

– You can now save content added under [RSS Channel] on a Memory Stick.

– [Automatic] has been added as an option under [Rate] in [LocationFree Player].

– [UMD Video L/R Button] has been added under [Video Settings] in [Settings].

– You can now disable the channel skip feature of the L/R buttons. (This applies to UMD VIDEO).

– A new file extension has been added to playable AAC formats.

– [Simplified Chinese] and [Traditional Chinese] have been added as options under [System Language] in [Settings] > [System Settings].

– [RSS Channel Settings] has been added under [Settings].

In addition, Sony has announced a downloadable demo for its upcoming PSP game, LocoRoco for Japan. The demo will work with the US firmware. You can grab it at the Official LocoRoco site . The link to the demo is the the bottom right option on the menu. It should be accessible either through a PC or directly through the PSP browser considering the newfound Flash support.

This is the first time that Sony has offered the ability to execute files from the Memory Stick.

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