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PSP Giga Pack Announced

Sony today announced that a new PSP bundle pack will be made available starting in November. Called the PSP Giga Pack, the new bundle will retail for $299 and include additional accessories not in the standard value package.

The PSP Giga Pack includes a PSP system, a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, a USB-to-PSP cable, and a plastic stand, along with the battery pack, AC adapter, headphones, cleaning cloth, and foam case currently included in the Value Pack.

The 1GB Memory Stick is an upgrade over the 128MB Stick currently included in the Value Pack (8 times the storage capacity for video clips, music, and game saves!). 1GB sticks normally retail for approximately $70. The USB cable and plastic stand are new inclusions too, and would normally retail for $10 individually.

$300 for a PSP, 1GB stick, and USB cable seems like a good value to us. Wisely, however, Sony will continue to sell the old Value Pack at the original $249 price point–which means that some retailers will be selling it for $199 once the holiday sales begin.

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