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Child Of Eden PS3 Delayed A Week, Move And 3D Confirmed

It's one of those good news/bad news situations, and the bad news isn't even all that bad.

Earlier, Ubisoft revealed a September 20 release date for the PlayStation 3 version of Child of Eden , Tetsuya Mizuguchi's colorful and unique title. But the publisher has announced a small delay:

It'll now launch a week later on September 27 but at the same time, the game will boast support for both PlayStation Move and 3D. These features had been anticipated (but not officially confirmed); the Xbox 360 version had Kinect compatibility, which was a primary appeal. As for the game, if you're at all familiar with Q Entertainment's Rez , a cult classic from the last generation, you'll understand the music-based, psychedelic approach. And yeah, there's a storyline (something about reproducing human personalities and fending off a virus) but that's hardly the focus.

So September 27 is the day. Let's hope PS3 owners give it a warmer welcome than 360 owners did.

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12 years ago

I got it for the 360 & it's a really fun. The visuals are outstanding in 2D…I think 3D will be a big hit if anyone actually buys it.

12 years ago

Played a little on my mates Kinect enabled 360 on launch day and thought it was a good game but bloody expensive so glad PS3 owners get it at a better price point! 3D and Move should both actually be great for this game and I'm thinking the little extra control and ac curacy of Move MIGHT make this the very best version. Certainly rather play iut with motion controls than with a pad-it was crud with a pad on 360 and good with Kinect and I usually can't get along with Kinect games at all-I think it knows i don't trust it!

Funnily enough, i'm really looking forward to playing this one with Move-no 3D yet for me though-the glasses are what make that impossible. My three kids means I'd need about ten pairs for mates and losses and breakages plus me and the daughter can't wear any kind of spectacle without getting headaches! Shame because the ten secs I managed of M:A was outstanding and I imagine CoE would be amazing in 3D for those with it.

Be YEARS before glasses free 3D TV arrives in any real sense too-bah!

12 years ago

I've just got a Move controller and have been surprised at how much fun Killzone 3 is using motion controls.

Have a replay of Heavy Rain waiting as well and I think Child of Eden looks like an excellent use of the controller.

May wait for it to reduce in price first but looks like a good party game with a nice groove!

12 years ago

ANOTHER game for september?
my god, were going to end up having more games releasing in september then we have had the whole year at this rate!
oh well, just dont come b*tching to us when you have a enslaved on your hands!
never really been into these types of games, tried it on my 360 when it released and got bored with it really quickly.
great game with a little weed though!
whats with asians and phsycadelic games?
im starting to think if we had another woodstock it would be nothing but asians!

12 years ago

I've been pretty miffed with Ubisoft lately. They've been shirking PS3 owners like we're second-class gamers, with delayed releases on games like this and Beyond Good & Evil. And on the subject of BG&E, releasing buggy, botched versions of games for the sake of a quick dev cycle. Then there's the stupid "always-on" DRM they're pushing, which is nothing but bad for the consumer.

As much as I love Mizuguchi's games, my enthusiasm is certainly waning here, just from Ubisoft being involved. I wish he'd partner up with a less douchey publisher.

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