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Sony Reveals PS3 Numbers

Reports of PS3s on store shelves, in both Japan and the U.S. have been flooding the Internet ever since New Year's Day. The reason for this is quite simple- Sony has managed to ship many more units; so many, in fact, that they doubled their domestic shipment (that's Japan, geniuses) number in the first two weeks of January.

The big shipments have been verified by Sony, as today they've announced that one million PS3s have been shipped in Japan, and this does not include the rest of Asia. If we include North America, Sony has passed the two million mark, and further stated these shipment numbers are a record for a Sony console. Finally, they didn't get specific in regards to the 60GB and 20GB sales, but it's clear the 60GB model is selling much better in both regions.

As for software, Sony says that more than 5,000,000 games have been shipped to Japan and North America, and singled out Resistance: Fall of Man , although they didn't provide exact sales numbers. And how is the revamped PlayStation Network doing? More than 500,000 users have registered since the launch, and more than 300,000 have downloaded the Gran Turismo HD Concept demo, available as of December 23.

The PS3 is officially available wherever you go, and while the naysayers love to say it's simply because nobody wants the system, these numbers say otherwise. They've shipped many more units in the first two months than either the PS1 or PS2, and they've also shipped more than Microsoft's 360 in that same time frame. All that's left is to wait for the software to push hardware sales even higher.

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