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Rumor: Saints Row Coming To PS3?

It's tough to put a whole lot of stock into GameStop/EB's "coming soon" game lists, which are frequently inaccurate. However, every once in a while, they produce a very interesting tidbit of information, one that creates a giant stir.

The latest addition to an EB Games listing features a PS3 version of the popular Xbox 360 title, Saints Row . It's that GTA-inspired, over-the-top gangsta paradise that has created both controversy and critical acclaim, so PS3 owners should be quite intrigued. On top of that, we should consider the developer and publishers in this situation.

EA and THQ aren't so much into loyalty, as they're generally willing to bring their games to just about anyone who wanders up with a bag full of money. With the number of big-name titles going multiplatform in this new generation, it doesn't seem so impossible. We'll keep you apprised of any new info on this one.

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