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The Godfather Enters A New Generation

EA has officially announced that The Godfather is going next-gen with two different versions; one each for the PS3 and Wii. The latter will receive The Godfather: Blackhand Edition and the PS3 gets The Don Edition , both of which will place the gamer in the role of a soldier in the Corleone family. Of course, your goal is to reach the head of the family, but each will sport a particular array of differences.

The PS3 version should take "full advantage" of the motion-sensing capabilities of the Sixaxis, even though the developers didn't go into specifics. But we also get some added gameplay elements, which has been dubbed "The Corleone Expansion Pack." Unfortunately, EA didn't get specific here, either, but we believe the additions should be both significant and lengthy. The Blackhand Edition for the Wii will also feature the motion-sensing, which makes perfect sense, considering the Wii-mote and Nunchuk.

There is new content we are aware of at this stage, and that includes new contract hits, revamped and restyled rival-family compounds, and a way to hire larger hit squads when necessary. Both new versions are expected to ship some time in March, so we'll keep you apprised of any new details that may become available.

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