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Ubisoft Announces Enchanted Arms For PS3

It's always good to have the official announcement following a slew of rumors, isn't it?

Today, Ubisoft announced they'd be bringing Enchanted Arms , previously exclusive to the Xbox 360, to the PS3 this March. Featuring the relatively well-received SpeedTactics Battle System, which allows the player to utilize distance-dependent attacks, and over 50 hours of total gameplay, the action/RPG should make a decent addition to the PS3's software lineup.

In addition, and perhaps even more important, is the fact that the PS3 version will take advantage of the Sixaxis' motion-sensing capabilities. You'll be able to harness weapons, recover their EX power meters, discover more powerful attacks (we assume they weren't available in the 360 version), and even solve special puzzles all through the motion-sensing feature. And with more than 500 total characters – 130 of which you unlock for use in combat – the option could work out nicely for this port. Ubisoft will also add an all-new English language track and ten more minutes of cutscenes.

We don't have an exact date as of yet, but so long as it arrives in March, we're happy.

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