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MotorStorm Not Supporting “True HD”

One of the PS3's most appealing aspects is its "true HD" capability; even at launch, there were several games that would support at least 720p, and even a couple that supported 1080i and 1080p ( Ridge Racer 7 , for example). More titles that take advantage of the beauty of HD are on the way, including the upcoming Virtua Tennis 3 , which should be the second game on the system to support full 1080p HD.

But despite confirmation from SCEA senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille that MotorStorm would run at 60fps in wonderful 1080p, it seems the game has slipped. Instead, it appears Sony has retracted the comment and confirmed the game will only handle 720p, and 30fps.

It's disappointing, to be sure, but at the same time, 720p is high-definition ( Resistance: Fall of Man supported 720p)…we just hope that 30fps doesn't infringe on the hectic gameplay. But just to clarify, MotorStorm will not be "true HD," so those of you with great new HD TVs needn't be confused.

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