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Gates Says ‘Nintendo Is Main Target’

In an interview with Tokyo TV during the
Computer Entertainment Show, Microsoft Chairman and Founder, Bill
Gates, went on record to say that he doesn't consider the
hardware manufacturer that Microsoft should aim at dethroning.
Instead, it is Nintendo that Gates has his sights set on.

"The strength of Nintendo, both in the
portable space, has been very impressive and surprised a lot of
people…and the strength of the Wii. We see Nintendo as the
toughest competition."

Some have began to speculate that Gates'
comment was directed towards Japan only, where Microsoft is dead
last in. But that would make little sense, because Microsoft
knows that their role in Japan will continue to be very minor and
that they must rely on Europe and North America to dominate. The
proper analysis of his quote is that he believes Sony will
ultimately place 3rd in most regions, and that Nintendo, with the
strength of the DS and Wii, has the best shot of selling the most
units this console war. This interview only serves to fuel the ongoing fire between both MS and Sony. But hey, it makes for a good news

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