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Scary NBA 2K7 Visual Glitch

A fellow Neo-GAF poster by the name of Sportzhead came across
a very interesting exploit in NBA 2K7, that eventually leads to a
pretty scary (funny, to some) aesthetic glitch. Sportzhead posted
the pics of this quirky glitch, as it shows what happens to the
heads of the created players. The glitch was performed on the
Xbox 360, but it should also work on the PS3 too. If you wish to
replicate this glitch, Sportzhead was kind enough to detail the
process to me.

"…it's pretty complicated. You first make
20 created players (the game's max) and put them on whatever
teams you want. Then you take 15 of those created players (If you
try to put more than that on a team the game will freeze) and
place them on a created team. Write down the names of the 15
created players and their respective teams you put on your
created team. Then go find each of those players on their
original team and edit them into a new player. Boom you now have
15 additional created players all on one roster file. Now to get
all of them into the Association Mode, you need to do a fantasy
draft Association.

The draft will pull players from all teams in your roster
file, including the created team. Then once you finished the
fantasy draft, you start the season. Make sure you have at least
one created player on your Association team that was made by
editing one of the original 20 created players. Export your
Association team (under the save menu in Association Mode) and
you're ready to experience the glitch. Load your export team and
play with them in practice or exhibition mode. Then have fun
laughing at the sights."

The results are pretty comical as the players wobble around
like Bonk (does anyone remember Bonk?), with heads that aren't
just enormously oversized, but skin pigmentation on the head that
is quite frightening. Sportzhead calls in the 'clown effect', I
call it a nightmare that I'll be graced with shortly. There are
more screens in the NBA 2K7
screenshot index
. Enjoy!

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