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Square Enix Selling Franchises

There's a funny smell in the air, and it isn't the funky gas fumes that floated over much of New York City, it's the smell of an intellectual property being sold off…Or at least so the rumors have it. The rumor mill is churning out something intriguing as some sources are catching wind of Square-Enix selling off two franchises. Reportedly, it is sources close to Square-Enix that let the tidbit slip. As far what the two franchises may be, we have no idea. It's best to assume that it'll be something that doesn't bring the publisher much, if any, profit. And remember, because this is the sale of a franchise, it is unlikely to be a game like The Bouncer, Vagrant Story, or Threads of Fate. Some speculation has pointed towards the 'Mana' and 'Ogre' franchises as being the two to go, which would make quite a bit of sense.

In any case, as soon as Square-Enix makes any sort of announcement, or if a lead comes our way regarding the rumor, we'll keep you updated.

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