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PS3s Available At

If you're still looking for a PS3, don't bother with GameStop/EB, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. However, Best Buy, who received the largest portion of launch units and continually gets the most number of next-gen consoles, has plenty of PS3s available.

Well, to be more specific: they're more easily available at . While some stores certainly have them in stock, reportedly in a few states in the mid-west and southeast, the big stores in larger metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc. are still sold out. Your best option is the company's website, which clearly lists PS3s as "in stock" and ready to go.

Now that the holidays are over, the supply is beginning to reach demand, and considering the lack of new PS3 games in January, it's certainly not a hot ticket right now. Then again, none of the systems – and indeed, not much of anything with a significant price tag – is ever "hot" in January, seeing as how most people aren't interested in adding to their incurred holiday debt.

So we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity and pick one up, because the 2007 lineup begs for your attention. And no paying double or triple to snag one off eBay, either!

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