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Japan Prefers PS3 in the Home

Online pollsters What Japan Thinks conducted a pre-Wii/PS3

asking consumers in Japan the whens, whats, wheres, and hows of their portable gaming habits. Predictably, the Nintendo DS still dominates the market there with the PSP in a distant, but not yet deadly second.

The most curious part of the survey, though, comes from the final question asked: Which of the following two non-portable game machines do you think you want to own in the future?

The majority voted Playstation 3 at 20.3%, outpacing the Wii's 15%, the lowest percentage out of all options. If this poll is any indication, it's good to know that Sony still has a viable future in Japan despite all the negative press, but the margins aren't as wide as they could be, especially when nearly half of the respondants opted for "Neither" or "Don't Know."

If you'd like to check out the survey and come to your own conclusion, check it out here .

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