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Frag Dolls Take First Pro Crown

Who says girls can't play games? Wait, let's revise- who said cute girls can't play games? Well, the Frag Dolls have come to disabuse you of any stereotypes and assumptions you may have.

It was the classic battle of the sexes when a four-man…er…woman team from the Frag Dolls took on the male-dominated competition at the Rainbow Six Vegas finals in Dallas. The Dolls are a group of girl gamers who clearly aren't afraid to take on anyone, anywhere, and Dallas is only the most recent stop in the Cyberathlete Professional League. Chances are, you might see the Dolls at other events throughout the nation.

This particular team had the benefit of being sponsored by Ubisoft, and featured Amy "Valkyrie" Brady, Emily "Seppuku" Ong, Alyson "Calyber" Craghead, and Nelly "Psyche" Morel. The girls ganged up on the previously undefeated "The Unknown" team in the finals, thereby making their mark on history.

Ubisoft claims the victory was the "first by an all-girl team on the pro-circuit event," but the Dolls aren't leaping to any conclusions. Morgan "Rhoulette" Romine added "as far as we know" to Ubisoft's statement in her blog. Don't worry, Morgan, we're prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.

"The team has been playing Rainbow Six Vegas up to 12 hours a day since the game came out," said Rhoulette. "We played as a team, communicated well, stuck to our strategies and won."

12 hours? Yep, that's pretty hardcore.

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