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Latest Splinter Cell Confirmed For PS3

We learned today that Virtua Fighter 5 would no longer be a PS3 exclusive, and a few hours later, we learned another high-profile title wouldn't be ignoring the PS3.

Ubisoft has confirmed that Splinter Cell: Double Agent , already available on the Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, GC, Wii, and PC, will make an appearance on the PS3 in March 2007. Obviously, fans would have to wait longer if they wanted to play the latest Sam Fisher installment on the PS3, but there is good news.

The PS3 version will boast a slew of special features designed specifically for the console, and that includes supporting the Sixaxis' motion sensitivity. PS3 owners will also get new multiplayer maps, skins, and perhaps more currently unannounced content. Whether it will sport better visuals remains to be seen, of course, but so far this generation, multiplatform games look awfully similar (excluding the Wii, of course).

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