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More PS Titles Ready For PlayStation Store

Christmas bells are ringing in the PlayStation Store, as Sony Japan has announced a new batch of titles that will be available tomorrow, December 21. Each one is priced at the standard 525 yen.

The list of newcomers is as follows:

As was the case before, remember you require a PS3 for the downloading, and they can only be played on a PSP. And for the games to function on the PSP, you must have already downloaded the latest PSP firmware update (v3.03). Sony is working on a PS3 firmware update in 2007 that would allow the downloaded PS1 games to work on the PS3 itself. There is also the possibility of a future PSP update that would let owners access the Store directly for download. < /p:

The preceding list of games are currently only scheduled for the Japanese PlayStation Store; we'll let you know when and if they decide to release the games outside Japan.

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