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Harrison: PS3 Will Never Be Maxed Out

All developers like to make their presence known; they often let us know just how they're faring when it comes to new hardware. And while many have praised Microsoft for their easy-to-use 360 architecture, those same devs have been begging for some Sony assistance regarding the nigh-on impossible PS3 architecture. Well, President of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison has yet another comment on the issue, but we can't decide if it's good news or bad news…

In a brief interview with MTV, Harrison said, "nobody will ever use 100 percent of its capability" due to firmware upgrades and new uses for the Sixaxis controller. Essentially, he's saying developers will never be able to take full advantage of the system, which isn't exactly a positive comment. On the other hand, this could convey the message that "the sky's the limit" to those wide-eyed game makers, but only time will tell.

Furthermore, Harrison wants to change the way we view the PS3. Sony has long since condemned the media simply calling our favorite products "videogames," and Harrison reinforced that philosophy.

"I fervently believe that the biggest challenge we face is that our industry is referred to as 'video games,' and games are supposed to be fun. Games should deal with fear, should deal with comedy and with death. They should deal with peril, with drug offenses."

Take it easy there, Phil. We want our games to be fun. What's wrong with a few quirky, crazy titles every once and a while? Didn't the PS2 feature more of those than any other console of last generation? Gitaroo-Man , Okami , Katamari Damacy , etc.? But at the same time, we also like the idea of deeper and more meaningful titles (innovation and originality are rarely bad things), and we certainly understand the comment…the term "videogame" still suffers from far too many false stereotypes in the mass populace.

Well, the future will be intriguing, regardless. It's clear developers have an awfully long road ahead of them when it comes to the PS3, as if that comes as any surprise. The good news? Everyone should be excited to see just how close game creators can get to that supposedly impossible 100% number with the PS3.

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