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flOw Delayed Until January

One of the most anticipated PlayStation Store titles, flOw , was originally scheduled to be available this month. It began as a school project between three college students, and has since gained quite a head of steam. The game sports a white, glowing creature that "eats" other vibrant sea-going animals to grow larger. It’s an interesting concept, and one we had hoped to see around Christmas time.

You can still play the Flash version of the game online, but now, the PS3 version – which will have several enhancements, including four additional creatures – has been pushed to January. flOw also features Sixaxis motion sensitivity, gorgeous visuals (especially for an arcade-based game), and improved audio with the possibility of THX certification. As we push further into next year, Sony plans to provide updates for the game, and those should offer multiplayer capability or other gameplay modes, and hopefully, we’ll see the game updated on a monthly basis. Sony did not reveal the cause of this delay, but it doesn’t sound like anything too serious.

When we have more concrete details regarding the actual release date for flOw , we’ll be sure to let you know.

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