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Virtua Fighter 5 Lands U.S. Release Date

Fighting fans have been waiting anxiously for any PS3 news regarding the top two genre franchises; Virtua Fighter and Tekken . Last week, we reported that Virtua Fighter 5 had secured the Japanese release date of February 8. And now, U.S. gamers get their announcement.

Sega revealed the North American release date yesterday; VF 5 will hit store shelves on February 20, only 12 short days after it arrives in Japan. And for further good news for European fans, the game will be available for the PS3's launch, currently scheduled for March.

The latest VF installment will boast 17 characters (two are brand new), and a much-appreciated option to customize each fighter. Sega is also taking a hint from action/adventure games, as they've instituted a money-making scheme within the gameplay- as you beat on opponents, you earn funds that can be used to purchase accessories and other goodies.

For more info, visit the freshly updated Virtua Fighter 5 Website .

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