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MotorStorm Secures Top PS3 Sales Spot In Japan

Japan had very few PS3 games to choose from on the November 11 launch of Sony's new console, and ever since, they've been eagerly anticipating…well, just about any PS3 game.

Perhaps due to a decent marketing campaign that includes a sweet-looking trailer on the PlayStation Network, and of course due to a major PS3 software shortage, MotorStorm is now the best-selling PS3 title in Japan.

Evolution Studios made this official announcement today-

"It's a real coup for Evolution," says Martin Kenwright, CEO of Evolution Studios. "Developing MotorStorm has certainly not been easy — but the team here really delivered. Evolution has a reputation for delivering high quality racing titles, but we really needed to up the ante with Sony's new hardware. We're delighted that the public has agreed with the press, and made MotorStorm the current Japanese number one PlayStation 3 title. We can't wait to see how it performs throughout the rest of the world."

And believe it or not, Kenwright says his team is already looking far down the road to the PlayStation 4. We have to wait for MotorStorm in North America and Europe, but we do get the added benefit of online play, which the Japanese version does not have.

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