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Sega Lands Aliens License

With the next generation kicking off this year, major publishers all over the world have been scrambling to secure their future position in the industry. And obtaining the rights to popular and recognizable entertainment franchises is a crucial aspect to the publishing business.

Sega has announced they've landed the exclusive rights to develop new games based on the 20th Century Fox's Alien series. The last time anyone produced a game bearing the Aliens name was in 2003, with Aliens vs. Predator 2 , a title that enjoyed moderate critical and sales success. Now, Sega will be at the helm for upcoming installments, which will include a FPS and RPG, the first of which is slated to arrive in 2009. The games will be available for "next-gen platforms," and that's all we know right now.

No details concerning the new games, currently in production, were released. However, while the concept of an Aliens FPS is hardly new, the idea of creating a role-playing game in that universe is an intriguing one. Are they thinking Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy? Or could it be anything like Sega's old classic franchise, Phantasy Star ? Or perhaps more strategic like Shining Force ?

Well, whatever they decide to do, it's good to see the now-legendary sci-fi series back in the hopper for new video games.

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