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Virtua Fighter 5 Gets Date In Japan

Perhaps just in time for a new influx of PS3s in Japan, Sega will be releasing the latest installment in one of the fightest fighting franchises. The new year should see more PS3s, and on February 8, the system will also see the arcade-to-PS3 port of Virtua Fighter 5 .

In Japan especially, the game is expected to be huge; perhaps the most popular PS3 title to date. Sega will reward those who decide to preorder with a PS2-compatible Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversery game, previously included in Enterbrain's Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversery Memory of Decade. This nice bonus includes the original Virtua Fighter , all spruced up with Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution gameplay mechanics.

Furthermore, Sega plans to follow the game's release with the Virtua Fighter High Grade arcade stick on February 15, which will retail for 7,329 yen. The game will have a price tag of 8,190 yen. As of yet, Sega hasn't provided any details as to a North American version of both Virtua Fighter 5 and the arcade stick.

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