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NPD Hardware and Software Sales for November

The NPD sales for November are out! The much anticipated numbers have got gamers everywhere anxious to see how well each respective console performed with the addition of two new consoles to the mix. Of course the big story is what the PS3 managed to sell. Surprisingly enough, PS3 numbers for the month of November neared the 200k mark (197k, to be precise). That would mean that Sony shipped 150k for launch, and shipped an additional 50k the week later to end the month with 200k in sales. Clearly as it's been stated numerous times before, Sony will not be hitting their 1M units shipped mark before the end of December, as predictions claim just about 600k with the end of 2006.

The PS2 sold 664k units with Final Fantasy XII taking in just about 900,000 in sales. In the portable world, Sony's PSP was crushed by the less expensive Nintendo DS. The DS went on to sell a staggering 918k units, compared to 412k PSPs. The differences are clearly vast, and it's really about time Sony started contemplating a price-drop. When Sony dropped the price of the PS2 some years ago right before the holidays, it helped the console sell over one million units during November. Sadly Sony didn't employ this tactic on the PSP, and so its sales are lagging behind.

In terms of how the other consoles faired: there are 476k Nintendo Wiis in the hands of gamer, now — 412k of which bought a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess (pretty amazing, almost 1:1). Microsoft is nearing the 10 million mark by having sold 511k Xbox 360s. And eerily enough, the GameBoy Advance went on to sell 641k units. And there you have it.

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