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Police Officers Cut Line Waiting For PS3

It was a day that caused panic, disappointment, scattered tidbits of elation, and unfortunately, a great deal of dirty behavior. Come November 17, just about anyone, anywhere seemed capable of doing something amoral to get their hands on a PS3. And apparently, this included officers of the law.

The Associated Press has reported that two Rhode Island police officers are currently under investigation for (get this) cutting in line during the typical launch day wait. The AP didn't release the identity of the officers, but it seems they were part of a group of seven who suddenly jumped to the front of the line. One of the officers claims they did "nothing wrong." Of course, his boss disagrees.

"We think he did something very wrong," said Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman (see?). "He's been identified and he's going to be disciplined."

Both officers involved in the incident remain under investigation by their departments, but we don't yet know what the disciplinary action will be. Well, serves 'em right. Flash a badge and get a PS3? I don't think so, pal.

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