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PS1 Games Available For Download On PS3, Play On PSP

In the final step to making PS1 games on the PSP a reality, Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with five downloadable PS1 classic titles. Accessible via the PS3, once you have the games downloaded, they can then be enjoyed on Sony's handheld console.

The first batch features mostly Sony-developed games as well as one third-party hit; Tekken 2 by Namco. Sony's four are Crash Bandicoot , Cool Boarders , Syphon Filter , and Hot Shots Golf 2 . Each game is labeled with the quite reasonable price tag of $5.99, but they do carry a slightly disappointing (yet unavoidable) disclaimer: any multiplayer functions in the games have been disabled because the software wasn't altered to support the PSP's Wi-Fi functionality.

In order to play those PS1 games on the PSP, you'll obviously need to download the games from the Store to the PS3. At that point, you can transfer them via USB cable to the PSP, provided the system has a memory card with enough free space. The games range widely in size ( Hot Shots is only 157MB while Tekken 2 is a whopping 535MB), but once downloaded, the games can be copied for use on up to five different PSPs before everything locks up.

It's nice to see that one of the most interesting next-gen features is finally taking shape. Stay tuned for more Store updates to see what classic PS1 titles they add as time goes on.

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