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Sony Signs Students To Three-Game Deal

Some people spend their college years drinking until they drop, while others somehow find a way to break through in the real world. A select few even nail down the opportunity of a lifetime.

The University of Southern California students who created the upcoming arcade title for the PlayStation Store, flOw , have been signed to a three-game deal with Sony Computer Entertainment America. Who would've thought their school project for the School of Cinematic Arts would yield such results?

flOw is slated to arrive in the Store and available for download via the PlayStation Network on December 19, and that will be the first of the three games in the deal.

"This is a watershed moment in the history of the school," USC Dean Elizabeth M. Daley said. "It builds on our tradition of expanding relationships with the professional community, and opens the door for our students and graduates to showcase their creative talents in an incredibly dynamic market."

There are no specific details on the other two games in the deal, but That Game Company (formed by the students while developing flOw ) have already been granted space at Sony's Santa Monica studio, which is also the home of the critically acclaimed God of War team. That's one heck of a group role-model for these kids, yes?

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