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North Carolina Officer Kills PS3 Theft Suspect

In a tragic turn of events this past Friday, we're reminded just how out of control things can get with new console launches.

On the evening of December 1 in North Carolina, a New Hanover County sheriff's deputy shot and killed an 18-year-old man suspected of the armed robbery of two PlayStation 3 consoles. Peyton Strickland was shot inside his rented home while unarmed, as one of his roommates claims. Authorities were serving a warrant for Strickland's arrest in connection with his supposed involvement with the robbery, when 2 PS3s were taken from a University of North Carolina Wilmington student on November 17. Another deputy also shot and killed the suspect's German shepherd outside the residence.

At this point, investigators are currently analyzing the conduct of all officers involved. "I am making this my top pirority. No one's above the law. If there's any criminal conduct that can be established, I'm not going to hesitate to treat them as any other defendant," vowed District Attorney Ben David.

Grieving friends and family are left searching for answers, the biggest one certainly revolving around the use of deadly force. We don't yet know why shots were fired, or why the officers felt inclined to use their weapons. Hopefully, things will become clearer as the investigation progresses. You can read the full story in the Star News here .

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